B4U supports 4 social causes 4 it's viewers through December 2018!

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B4U Network supports 4 causes around Health, Disability, Defence & Culture in the month of December 2018. B4U Network with its 2 channels B4u Music & B4u Movies has always influenced its strong base of over 168 million viewers in urban & rural Hindi speaking markets with entertaining Bollywood music and movies content. Banking of its high reach and influence among viewers the networks channels have taken up four causes with the intent of spreading awareness, sensitizing, supporting and bringing change in the society at large through the medium of television starting from 1st December through this entire month.
Causes around four diverse topics have been taken up in the same month directing viewer’s attention to different issues and causes around the below days:
1st December, 2018 - World Aids Day 
B4U Music & Movies have launched promos on high frequency raising awareness for the AIDS pandemic caused by the spread of HIV infection, with focus on “SAFE SEX” through a series of quirky promos which are suggestive to use of condoms for the prevention of AIDS. With B4U’s reach, popularity and ardent fan following amongst the youth audience these promotions would drive awareness and reinforce the message of safe sex for all genders across India.
3rd December, 2018 – International Day of Disabled Persons
The observance of the Day aims to promote an understanding of disability issues and mobilize support for the dignity, rights and well-being of persons with disabilities.
To get this message across the promo’s give tribute to disabled musical instrument players with intercuts of his remarkable journey of learning the musical instrument despite his disability. This is followed by the message: “B4U salutes the indomitable human spirit”.
4th December, 2018 – Navy Day
Supporting India’s defense forces and saluting them for their dedication in protecting the water bodies, Navy day would be celebrated on 4 December to celebrate the achievements and role of the naval force to the country and to give respect to our naval force.
B4U would will create interesting promotional trivia about Indian Navy and Navy Day. The slate will have images of Indian navy warships, submarines, navy officers at duty, the Navy and national emblem etc.
11th December, 2018 – International Mountains Day
Celebrated to encourage the international community to organize events at all levels to highlight the importance of sustainable mountain development. Using graphic vignettes 45-60 seconds B4U would talk about different Bollywood movies and songs which have used mountains as a picturesque backdrop in their narrative which would help in promoting the importance of sustainable development through this entertaining medium. Interesting anecdotes from the shooting of the films and songs will also be shared in these vignettes to build alliances that will bring positive change to mountain peoples and environments around the world.
The communication campaign & promos are scripted, directed and produced by B4U’s internal creative team. The promos are designed to be smart, quirky and minimalistic so that they break clutter at the same time trigger change in society during the last month of the year.
About B4U:
B4U Network is the leading Television network with over 300 million Plus viewers in over 100 countries. B4U Music & B4U Movies both in India and Internationally; B4U Aflam & B4U Plus in the MENA region form this Media Family.
B4U Music ranks among the top 2 channels for more than 2 years in music genre in Viewership, caters to the Urban & Rural audience in the Hindi Speaking Markets, with deep penetration through both paid and Free to Air presence on DD Direct we rule the heart of Indian audience.
B4U Movies has its presence across all major MSO and DTH platforms in India including DD Direct B4U Movies is ranked amongst the top 5 on FTA Channels. and reaches 168 million viewers in India. The channel provides a diverse range of films 24 hours a day including family entertainers, romantic comedies and dramas.
The Network has also forayed into film production and distribution both in India & internationally.
More information about B4U is available on www.b4utv.com. You can keep abreast of all B4U shows on social media platforms like Twitter - @THEOFFICIALB4U; Facebook – B4UMusic.

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